Are you ready for AWANA? We sure are!! AWANA is back in full swing!! We are already looking forward to another great year and excited about what God is going to do! Come be a part of the exciting times in our AWANA program!

AWANA and AWANA Bee's follow the school schedule and have started back on August 15th!

Clubbers should be prepared each week by wearing their uniform, having their handbook and Bible, as well as bringing their dues.
Clubbers should also have their verses memorized each week. Parents, you can help them out with this by sitting down and reciting the verses with them!
Dues are .50 cents each week or you can pre-pay the year at $15.50 per clubber. Dues help pay for snacks, awards, curriculum, etc. 
If you have any questions, please see our AWANA Commander, Doug Hutson! You can also call our church office at 843-1874.