New to Sequoyah Baptist Tabernacle? Below you will find a list of all of our Sunday School classes! All classes start at 10am. 

Sunday School Classes           Age Group                    Teacher                      
Nursery                                            Newborn through 2 year old              Geraldine Brown
Pre-School                                              3-4 Years Old                             Pam West
Beginners                                       5 years old to 1st Grade                     Gerri Stancil
Primary                                                  2nd to 5th grade                          Brenda Mowery
Middle School                                        6th to 8th Grade                          Mike West
High School                                           9th to 12th Grade                        Taj Grant

College and Careers                                    18 to 29                                Dr. Brooks Green
Truth Seekers                                           30's and 40's                           Robb Medonis
Bridge Builders                                        40's and 50's                             Al Ruefenacht
Grace                                                       Women Only                            Loretta Vandergriff
Christian Fellowship                            All Ages Welcome                         Buddy Collier
Willing Workers                                           Seniors                                  Joe Lewis

Not sure which class to attend or where the class is located? We have greeters that will be happy to make a recommendation as well as show you where the class meets.