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From Myers' Perspective - Introductory Post

I am going to start this blog off with an introduction to myself.  I am Charles A. Myers born September of 1984.  I am an ASE Automotive Mechanic, Master Officer with Wake County Sheriff’s Office, Historian, Writer and United States Marine.  I was asked to start this blog in order to give a fresh look at different topics we face today and how this impacts society.  Being that I deployed with the U.S. Marines to Iraq and Afghanistan as well as worked for the Sheriff’s Office, I have a different outlook on things than that of most people.  I try my best to put emotion aside to judge a situation and see all the possibilities of what is really happening.  In the current world we live with videos and news reports as well as social media telling us what to think, most have forgotten to question what we see and hear.  That is what I want to challenge all who read this to do…think.  Stop believing what you hear and read as fact and start looking to prove the truth.  As one of my automotive instructors would always say, “Stop and think.”

          Some background information on myself.  I am Christian and believe in God, Bacon, Guns, and Ammo.  No, I do not believe that war is the answer, war is horrible.  My family background is Russian Jew, and yes I eat pork.  No, I am not closed minded, but certain things I hold true to my belief.  I do not care what race, sex/gender(only 2), or religion you are…all are equal to me, except U.S. Marines.  Marines are on another level and the best.  Yes, I was born in the 80s, not a proud moment for me.  I would much rather have been born in 1919.  History has always been a part of my life in every way possible.  I have had a connection to the past that just keeps drawing further and deeper to the 1930s and 1940s.  Do not get me wrong, modern technology has some great benefits, but I like the past.  Growing up I researched the different decades from the 1970s to the 1930s until I realized the 1940s is my home.  Yes times were hard and the world was different, but to me it was a better time.  I started writing about World War II in high school.  Keep in mind I hate to read, so why am I starting writing a book?  Crazy, I guess!  I was unsure what to do with my life and decided to venture into auto mechanics as a profession.  While turning wrenches listening to the radio I would hear reports of what was going on in the War on Terror.  I kept feeling a nagging feeling that I could be doing more.  In the end of 2006 I found myself signing to join the Marine Reserves.  I then got a civilian job with my local Sheriff’s Office working in the jail.  By 2009 I would be receiving orders to deploy to Iraq.  Upon my arrival to Iraq we met mission early(which was to close down a base, TQ) and were then ordered to Afghanistan.  I got to Helmond Province, Afghanistan on November 1, 2009 where we learned really quick that this was the most dangerous Province in Afghanistan.  I was injured in Helmond with a back injury, TBI, vertigo, and hearing loss among other issues.  I finished out my contract with the Marines and kept working with the Sheriff’s Office until I could work no further.  My health continued to be a problem as well as keeping me out of work, at which point I was granted 100 percent disability through the Department of Veteran’s Affairs.  As 2019 rolled around, we all learned new things about ourselves with living at home for the quarantine.  I learned very important things about the state I was living, North Carolina.  After seeing how the state handled Covid-19 helped my decision to move to Tennessee.  Really after seeing how the world handled Covid-19, I had a better understanding of just how much we are in trouble as a society.  North Carolina will always be a home, but Tennessee is now home. 

          I do hope that everyone that reads this can get a better understanding on their life as well as the lives of people around them.  In a society where we have become so wrapped up in ourselves, where anyone with a smart phone can make a post to the world, many have forgotten to care about each other.  Many have forgotten to question what they see and hear.  God gave us all a brain with intelligence and an inquisitive nature to want to know more…to do more with our lives than just go through the daily motions without question.  How else would we have come so far with all that humans have developed?  How else would we become better that our parents and grandparents?  How else would we change?

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Thank you for your service and for sharing this. I look forward to reading more.


I agree with you on how we as a society handled C19. Makes you want to dig into things more. At least myself. Hopefully others will pay more attention. Thank you for sharing. Thank you for your service.


Brooks Green
Brooks Green
10 de jan.

Thank you for the introduction post. What makes you believe people have forgotten to care about each other? Do you have a thought as to contributing factors of why this pattern has emerged?

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